1. Ducati Multistrada 1200S Pikes Peak edition

    This bike is modeled after the 3 or 4 time winning bike of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado

    It has four different engine modes for different riding styles, and the S edition has electronic suspension with a bunch of menu option in the console.

    Marina del Rey, california


  2. kawasaki ninja

    no idea what flavor. there are so many of these bikes.

    fox hills, california


  3. cookin in lost angeles.
    naked on the subframe, but why even keep the fairing?! lose it all!


  4. Kawasaki KLR 650 B

    I cant get enough of these bikes. While not the roughest bike for dirt, it seamlessly can shred on and off-road. The B-series has a more Dakar style design. I love this dudes enormous saddle case (note the KTM sticker). Only thing Id wanna do to it is add a second brake up front.

    Downtown Los Angeles California


  5. 1996-1999 Suzuki Bandit S 600

    For the most part, the Bandit series were 16-valve inline 4s and used GSXR-esque engines until 2007 when they became fuel injected. The 600 series was based off of the GSX-F engine, air cooled. The 600cc was discontinued in 2004. This model, with the single headlight, is pre-2000 and is lookin really good for a fifteen year old sport standard.

    Special love in my heart for Suzuki sport standards. I prefer the naked models, but at least the fairing (making it an S model) is a bikini half rather than covering the engine.

    At one of the studios in Los Angeles California


  6. 1999? Kawasaki KL650A

    If I did it all over Id probably have a bike like this for the gritty streets of southern california. thing bike gets up up high over cars, the mirrors and handle bars are above cars mirrors, and this bike will easily cruise at 80.

    The green paint came into play in the late 90s on the KLR bikes, this one looks like it could have been red before and then repainted, but who knows what i saw under the peeling paint. i cant figure out what is in that cylinder with the red cap. it say “caution: stand clear while in use”  extra gas? something cool.

    these bikes are general good, but not great at anything in particular. except lookin rad.

    venice california


  7. headed to the coast…

    Harley Baggers


  8. 2000 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200cc

    Awhile back he said his rear brake pads needed to be replaced. we all said just use your front brake then.

    we took off the pads and saw that there was none. no pads at all, just plate.

    good story to this sporty: found in a ditch and brought back to life with a punched out motor including a lot of Buell racing parts. This bobber flies. Takes off faster than any bike Ive seen next to it, sport, cruiser, cafe, nothin wins. stripped of anything its doesnt need, and only recently got a brake light and plate.

    hollywood california


  9. 2013 Kawasaki Z1000  1043cc

    This 4-cylinder bike has been made for about 40 years, now includes ABS

    I dont particularly care for gauges, especially digital setups, but this ones kinda rad

    Hollywood California


  10. 2013 Ural T 750cc with sidecar

    Got a second to talk with the owner about this bike. Hes gotten rid of all his cages and only rides this. Less than 1000km on it.

    The Tourister is a new model from Ural with a lot of modularity. Easy ability to remove a lot of gear from the bike so you can build your ride however you like. Boxer engine, Russian bike, German soul.

    Sherman Oaks California